Open Box

What is this? a simple post test server that allows you to post data to a box and then retrieve it later. This is useful for testing forms, webhooks, and other services that require a public endpoint.

How does it work? is a simple application that can be accessed using a form, your browser, or any other tool for crafting requests. When you post data to a box, all data associated with the request is stored. When you view a box, the data is displayed.

Creating a Box and Listing Contents

You can access a box by going to a the box's URL: Once requests have been made to a box, you can see all the requests that have been made to the box at the same URL.

Posting to a Box

You can then post data (using POST, GET, DELETE, PUT, PATCH) by sending a request to

To access a specific post, you can go to All parameters (the query string) and the body of the request will be stored. If you posted a multipart request, each part will be shown separately. Files will not be stored, but a SHA1-hash of the file will be shown.

Deleting a Post

You can delete a post by sending a request to

Terms and Conditions

About is a free service provided mainly for educational use, but feel free to use to for whatever you want. This service is built and runs on Cloudflare Pages with Worker Functions and uses a Cloudflare D1 database. It was inspired by Henry's Post Test Server, which was shut down due to abuse.

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